Our Mission
    To involve people in participatory acts of freedom that allow us to see that beyond our differences there is love and humanity.

    Who Are The Liberators International?
    We are a global family of people ready to actively be a part of the change we’d like to see in this world. We use our skills, intelligence, gifts and abilities to create positive experiences for the world to actively participate in making today and tomorrow's future more sustainable and harmonious.

    How Do We Liberate?
    We create large scale global events that create an experience of unity for the Earth, we also create festival experiences of unity that uplift crowds of people by combining ice breaking games with a banging DJ set. When we're not performing at festivals, we might be presenting a public speech on living more authentically or creating a public event that involves and encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in acts of unconditional kindness, dance and or human connection. We record each of our public actions with the intention to then inspire people from all over the world to create their own similar unified participatory actions. We do not force, we simply give rise to a new opportunity.

    Why Do We Liberate?

    We are here to lead by example to allow the people of planet Earth to see that we are brothers and sisters of the same human race, travelling together on this Earthship we collectively call home.

    Our Vision for the Future
    We aim to coordinate, record and distribute monthly global acts of freedom, which reconnect humanity with their innate, interconnected power.

  • The Eye Contact Experiment is currently scheduled for the 29th of October, 2016 and is happening in over 160 different cities around the world, find out more and join the revolution here.



  • Join The Liberators

    Join the movement and you will be able to create and participate in global events within your city. You will also be the first in the world to receive our latest videos & behind the scene secrets.


    After receiving more than 100 million views world-wide on our actions we've been able to create global influence. Together we allow ourselves and the public to become active participants in transforming yesterdays worn out story for the better. Together we're weaving the threads for a global humanitarian family to arise, changing the cultural fabric of today and tomorrow.

    Take a look at a few of our more recent videos and if it resonates feel free to join us and the 100,000 other people.

    The World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2015

    100,000 people from 156 different cities participated to create this inspiring global message for humanity. 

    Self-Acceptance Experiment

    With over 44million views across youtube and facebook this has been our most influencial video.

    World's Biggest

    Here we inspired over 200 people from 18 different countries in 25 cities to courageously stand up on buses, trains and boats at 7am on a Monday morning to invite the public to sing-a-long to this classic Bob Marley track. The intent behind this video was to demonstrate we are much stronger together than we are separated in fear.

    Train Passengers Sing Over the Rainbow!

    More than 11 million views later, this video continues to inspire the world.

    Self-Acceptance v2

    Hugely powerful and daring experiment involving Jae West inviting the public to cut her hair to demonstrate how much more to beauty exists than on the surface.

    Read the full behind the scenes story here

    The World's Biggest Trust Experiment

    Our first global event involved 9 countries representing and encouraging the world to trust more openly.

    TEDx Talk by Founder, Peter Sharp

    This daring and captivating speech is for anyone who'd like to know about why and how Pete & the Liberators are helping change the world.

    First Year of The Liberators in 42 Seconds

    A quick summary video of what happened in our first year of Liberation.

    We are a whole movement of people passionate about sharing acts of love and kindness in public.


    We harness the power of heart-warming human connection, forward thinking dance music & video production to inspire humanity to share acts of freedom, love and kindness with one another. 


    These 5 special experiences bring our good vibes to you.

    Global Events For Peace

    200+ city representatives create a peaceful event together.

    Our flagship experience involves the whole world participating in an action for peace, kindness and or human connection. We work with our 200 city hosts, videographers, photographers, the public & city governments to create a positive global action. Everything is recorded on video then compiled into an international video message for peace. We only collaborate with ethical organisations also dedicated to world peace.

    Ecstatic Dj Set (Interactive)

    Essence: A top class DJ, an MC & 1 hour of Flashmob games that promote freedom & human connection.

    Available for Music Festivals, Family Festivals, Large Nightclubs & Parades

    We transform large crowds of people into liberated, loving and connected people by blending dance music with interactive games that promote human connection, self expression and unity. Our professional Dj teams up with our MC's Pete & Jae to bring the vibes!


    Ecstatic Yoga Workshop

    Essence: An adventurous self-expression workshop that unifies the body, mind, and soul. 

    Available for Yoga Studios, Businesses, Philosophy Centres & Festival Workshops


    Jae West, a fully trained and practised vinyasa yoga teacher teams up with Peter Sharp, the founder to take you through trust building games, ecstatic dance, improv comedy, group yoga & meditation.

    The X stands for the unknown element of the class and the crossing of styles.

    Public Speaking

    After speaking at TEDx Perth inspiring and surprising large crowds is part of what we love to do.

    Peter Sharp, the founder will present inspiring content related to the benefits of going outside your comfort zone, how human connection can help in the workplace and or how to start a viral social movement.

    Roving Parties

    Essence: A 4 wheeled moving sound system + DJ + MC to get the moving dance floor pumped!

    Available for Outdoor Parties, Festivals, Parades & Private Functions


    Static parties are so last year, The Bass Wagon is a roving party sound system that comes with your choice of Liberators to assist your people feel comfortable with dancing and feeling free. We have a talented DJ provide exactly the right music for the right situation.


    Viral Video Production

    Essence: The creation of a fun, playful and uplifting social experiment with 50 - 300 people.

    Available for Music Producers, Not for Profit organisations, Ethical Businesses & Festivals

    With over 30 million views on our viral videos, our talented and experienced crew team up with your people to create a very special social experiment to a song and theme of your choice. This experience is a ground breaking & effective technique to get your heartwarming message out across social media.


    Take other peoples word for it.

    Jimmy Murphy

    Event Director of Light it Up Leederville Carnival, Subiaco Block Party & Mt Hawthorn Festival.

    "The Liberators are a breath of fresh air. A group of people committed to developing human connection and inspiring others, they are set to change the world and I have no doubt they will."

    Aaron Rutter

    Beaufort Street Festival Director

    We worked with Pete and his Liberators as a part of The Beaufort Street Festival 2014. They curated and facilitated an area we named Feel Good Street. And feel good it did! The programming was excellent, and many festival attendees participated in various activations through out the day. The dance party had literally hundreds of people dropping all of their inhibitions and dancing in the street. It was a very special moment for myself and the festival team to see this area build to such a climatic success. 

    Russel Morris

    General Manager and Owner The Fig Group (cafes)

    "The Liberators were an AMAZING influence at the 2015 Naked Fig Skinny Dip.  Peter did an outstanding job as MC revving up the crowd and getting strangers to connect as the rest of the Liberators worked the crowd and increased people's participation and fun.


    I can not recommend them highly enough to anyone trying to create a "feel good" atmosphere."

    Michelle Dodd

    Manager Organisational Learning and Development Challenger Institute.

    Peter and the Liberators can customise an innovative a fun team building activity that builds trust and challenges organisations to go beyond their limits.


    Peter Sharp

    Leader of The Liberators International

    Running the Liberator social movement is my soul calling to this planet. I have discovered and uncovered a way to share large scale acts of love & kindness in public and in festivals.


    With this knowledge and The Liberators we're able to collectively transform cultural fabrics of shared experience into loving moments of positive emotion and meaningful connection.

    Jae West

    Co-Pilot of The Liberators

    Jae is an inspiring and passionate dancer, actress, motivational speaker and yoga instructor. She has dedicated her life to inspiring individuals to reach their highest potential through merging movement, such as dance and yoga with the mind and spirit through practises such as meditation and interactive trust-building games. This holistic fusion enables her to create a space of unity and liberation for each individual.

    Jonathon Strzina

    Chief of Beats

    My love for music is second only to my love for human connection. Since I was a child my mother and father have filled the home with music of many different styles and this influence set me on a life-long journey of musical exploration. Through my teen years I found electronica in all its glorious forms and acquired a pair of CDJs, learning the art and beauty of bringing music to the people. Teaming up with Pete and the liberators has allowed me to channel my desire to find quality music and express it in a form that also taps into the part of me that yearns to radiate love, expression and freedom. I’ve also discovered another passion – giant bubbles. Alongside music, bubbles are a form of expression that evokes a sense of awe and magic as well as bringing the observer into the present moment. Part dreamer part logical mind, I also enjoy surfing, spending time in nature, animals and astronomy. Big love!

    Shyam Drury

    Logistics of The Liberators

    I’ve always wanted to be part of a team spreading joy and connecting people with the essence of their spirit and each other. I saw some early videos of Peter’s experiments and resonated immediately, reached out and got involved. With a background as a Buddhist monk, a school teacher, a life coach, a program coordinator and business operator, I have a range of skills that I bring in service to the movement as I can. There is no greater meaning in life than that which we gift to others. What we share in the Liberators movement is so universal and so essential. It’s deeply satisfying to be part of it. And a heap of fun!

    Elliot Cahill

    Videographer & Photographer

    Being able to document the amazing moments we as The Liberators get to share with people has been incredible.


    I started working as a freelance photographer and filmmaker back in 2013, my main focus being around music photography, working for two publications The Music & Amplify (AMN).

    Since then I’ve had the privilege to join The Liberators and work with the team and film the special moments we’ve created at festivals and street parties.

    You’ll probably see me around off camera dancing with the crew at some points as well ;)

    Candy Marie

    Chief of PR & Communication

    Candice is an inspirational leader within The Liberators and helps with graphic design, photography and dance.

    Candice cherishes responding to the thousands of people who send love to The Liberator International Facebook page, and she especially enjoys seeing people gain inspiration from her posts.

    It is Candice’s calling to serve humanity and to help make this world a better place; and it is with The Liberators that she does exactly that!

    The Liberator Family!

    Over 25 dedicated members of the movement

    We have dedicated and equally valuable Liberator family who help with the development of the movement with their time, ideas, energy & participation.


    Running the movement is made possible by people coming together to run and support our peace creating global initiative in their own city. With your donations and participation we're able to continue working full time for humanity, distributing our message for peace all over the world. We believe people should have complete freedom to unlock the hidden treasures our work holds so we coordinate global events. By joining The Liberators you enable this movement to increase in professionalism & global impact. You will receive special liberator global event updates, secret videos about the progress of liberation and will be a part of the change. Each and everyone helps, thank you.


    Peter Sharp - Founder of The Liberators International

    Join the movement here

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